Only One Name and Only One Faith

Bible Koran

Only One Name and Only One Faith Religious Dialogue with Muslims? (by Francesco Maggio) In our day and age, it has become more and more common to emphasize our commonalities rather than our differences. If believers are not prepared, they may be confused or erroneously influenced by this idea. In fact, we now see in […]

Same God? No, but the same confusion!


Paper translated from the original Italian Title “Stesso Dio? No, stessa confusione” by Francesco Maggio  incorporated by the Italian Evangelical Alliance On the sidelines of recent affirmations of Pope Francis on Islam. Quotes, excerpts extracted from Italian Newspaper December 30tieth – 2013 Muslims “together with us, adore the one and merciful God” (n.252). The quotation […]

Insider Movement: diagnostic questions for churches

Apologetic Christianity

Premise: “Evangelical Missionaries” with ‘good intentions”, islamize the Gospel or preach a corrupted gospel to Muslims. This connotation is called ” Insiders”. Often Pastors really rooted in the Scripture do not know about this parallel reality and trust all missionaries working among Muslims. Here the tool! The Bible says,  1 John 4.1: Dear friends, do not […]

Lost in translation


Bill Nikides 2010 i2 Insider Movement Conference Lost in Translation: Insider Movements and Biblical Interpretation People of the Book We are all privileged and perplexed to live in interesting times. So much has changed already in my half-century. When I came to Christ back in 1973, the one and only thing I did not expect […]

The woman’s view according to the prophet muhammad


THE STATUS OF WOMAN ACCORDING TO THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD Recently we have been witnesses of some nonsense statements about “women” and how these nonsense can affect the reputation of political and institutional persons, even affect the election of a president in the States. The so called “prophet mohamed” today would earn popolarity among western women? We read […]