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Historical Perspective Websites Biblical Missiology A place for discussion among those involved in the Historical method of Muslim evangelism as well as the occasional IMer who shows up. Gospel for Muslims This is a ministry located in Texas and founded by Abraham and Amie Starker. Jesus for Muslims A network of non-profit organizations […]

Only One Name and Only One Faith

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Only One Name and Only One Faith Religious Dialogue with Muslims? (by Francesco Maggio) In our day and age, it has become more and more common to emphasize our commonalities rather than our differences. If believers are not prepared, they may be confused or erroneously influenced by this idea. In fact, we now see in […]

Oppression of Women’s sexuality in Koran


THE POSITION OF  WOMEN’s  SEXUALITY  IN ISLAM (By Francesco Maggio) In Islamic society, contrary to what has happened in Western society, no cultural change has taken place in the realms of sexuality and sex. Women have never been thought of as being endowed with the will or ability to move and think for themselves. They […]